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ME Alkalinity Powder (1 Gal)

MECoral Kh powder is pre-measured to make a 1 gallon liquid solution when mixed with your RODI water.   MECoral uses only Pharmaceutical Grade raw material to achieve the highest quality, highest purity, and highest concentration possible.   MECoral Kh powder dissolves quickly and crystal clear with no residual impurities.  Use along with MECoral Calcium for best results.           Treat your corals kindly.


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Product Description

Alkalinity (Kh) along with Calcium (Ca) gets consumed by corals on a daily basis.  This consumption needs to be replaced.  Target range for Kh is 8-10 dkh.  Test often with a quality test kit.  It is important to keep Kh as stable (without big fluctuation) as possible.  This is why Kh is typically used along with Ca as part of a 2-part dosing system.  Kh and Ca can be dosed manually, if done in small amounts while monitoring your systems Ph level. MeCoral Kh is designed to raise Ph.

Quick guide: In order to raise Kh .10 dkh or from 8.00 to 8.10 in 100 gallons of aquarium water, add 5 ml.  Drip slowly and test as needed.

Mixing instructions:   MECoral Kh powder package is pre-measured to make a 1 gallon liquid solution.  In a 1 gallon container or jug, add approximately 3/4 gallon of your RODI water.  Add the entire MECoral Kh package of powder to the water in the jug.  Shake aggressively.  Add more RODI water to make a 1 gallon liquid solution.   Let rest before use. Do not pour the powder into the jug prior to the water, as this will produce clumping. If clumping occurs, place jug in a hot water bath and shake again.

Ingredients:  Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Carbonate

Caution:   Not for human consumption.  Keep away from children and pets.  If swallowed drink water, do not induce vomiting.  Call the doctor.

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